Post-election Blues

The election is over. I voted, though as I always do, I wonder what effect my vote had. Once I mail in my ballot, I realize that I should have made a record of everyone I voted for, but that always seems so unimportant when I am filling out the ballot.


Then, waiting for news about how my candidates did is so frustrating. Elections should be fast, feedback about the results should be fast. Otherwise, you lose interest in the election.


But maybe that’s what it’s all about.

When I’m depressed, I find a way to counter it…by writing a story. I am currently working on a Christmas novella, and in December I plan on publishing the second book in the Crystal Cove mystery series – The Ghost in the Ice House.

But that won’t be until December. I need relief now! So I am releasing the sixth trilogy of the Hot Dog Detective series, The Hot Dog Detective PQR Trilogy.


The advantage of buying the box sets of the trilogies is that you pay for two books, but get the third for free. That’s right, one book is free. (Of course, if you already bought the books, don’t buy the box set. That should be obvious, but I know from personal experience that an enthusiastic reader can do this…more than once.)


In this box set, MacFarland travels to Los Angeles to help one of Rufus Headley’s friends who thinks his doctor is killing him. In the second novel, MacFarland has to deal with the temperamental members of a string quartet. How temperamental, you ask? Well, one of them may be trying to kill one of the members. And finally, MacFarland gets involved with potential terrorist in the Remorseful Rafter.


All three of the novels are fun mysteries, taking MacFarland out of his comfort zone. Of course, while you’re reading these stories, I hope that you are in your comfort zone.


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