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Check out this month’s promotion for The Quibbling Quartet. You can get this fun novel all of August for only $0.99.


In this month’s blog, I describe the results of our efforts to set up and open our on-line sales site, Over the next weeks and months, I will try to keep you updates on our progress…and success!


Check out my review of Judy Penz Sheluk’s The Hanged Man’s Noose, Book 1 of The Glass Dolphin Mystery Series.

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Betrayed by his wife and the system, former Denver police detective Mark MacFarland dropped out of the system…all the way. But now he’s put drinking and homelessness behind him, bought a hot dog stand, and started a new life. He likes nothing better than listening to his language​ CDs and helping his homeless friends. He’s even solved a few thorny murders. So when he gets called for jury duty, he doesn’t think he’ll be selected. 


But he is.


As a juror, can he make sure justice is served? Or will he let a guilty man go free?

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The Quibbling Quartet

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