Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and so are the yard decorations all over the neighborhood. I enjoy walking my dog as we both admire the creative efforts of our neighbors. My dog shows his particular appreciation by marking the territory as his personal domain.


It is fitting that my dog participates in this post, since my featured book is by my author friend, Tara Maya. It is Book 8 in the Arcana Glen Holiday Novella Series, An Enchanted Halloween: A Shifter Romeo and Juliet Retelling. In this delightful story, a wolf shifter falls in love with her Fated Mate. The problem is…he’s not also a wolf shifter!


There is one cardinal rule among the shifters of Arcana Glen: they do not marry outside of their clans.


This is a great  story with some unexpected twists. One spoiler alert: magic does play a role in the story!


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