August Update

It’s the end of August and time for a progress report. What have I accomplished this month?

Well, for one thing, I did continue to use social media, mainly twitter, to announce and publicize my books. I think that those efforts did pay off, since I had a second month of good sales, so I intend to continue that effort. It takes time, but with the various tools that are now available (such as Hootsuite), it is possible to simplify the task.

I spent most of this month working on the plot outline and first draft of the Paranoid Patient. This is a book I had wanted to write for my brother, who was being treated for cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away before I could get to this story. I’m sorry I was late, brother.  I will still write the story for you, even though you won’t be able to tell me just how flimsy the plot is or how many spelling errors I make.

I had wanted to get this novel finished by this time, but my writing rate had only been fifty percent of my target. I blame the heat, the fear of Korean missiles raining down on Hollywood, and my dog wanting frequent walks in the sweltering sun for my lack of productivity. Oh, I guess I have some responsibility in there too, but only a smidgen.

I also modified my desk. My computer screen was positioned too high, and while that was fine for when I was leaning back in my chair, snoozing or watching Youtube videos, it turns out it wasn’t a good position for writing. I had to cut out a portion of the shelf so that I could put the computer in a more downward position, which actually is the way it was supposed to be. Less neck strain, easier to see…and easier to write. And lo! I can still watch the Youtube videos.

I mentioned that I was using more social media to promote my writing. I also began to use Facebook more. I realized that I don’t pay enough attention to birthdays, current states people are in, and the latest political or social rant that someone is making. I decided to change that. In addition, I wanted to get more potential readers for my books. And I wanted to see what other writers were producing. So I started trying to expand my social network.

Every good intention results in evil deeds. I started getting a lot of people, mostly men, who wanted to friend me. They often had one thing in common. They were new to Facebook. They also had one other thing in common. They wanted to date me. Now, that’s flattering and all, but really now. I’m too old to be flirting, and I really don’t think I make very good company. After all, what kind of a girlfriend spends her time contemplating how to kill you off by chapter thirty?

Worse, my editor (slave-driver?) didn’t react well to my focus on the flirtatious arts. She pointed out that my target audience probably does not include horny men looking for a lonely writer who has a deadline to meet. So, to all the men who want to woo me and sweep me off my feet, I must say, sorry, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I’ve got two thousand words to write.


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