2017 in Review

I realize my heading is not very exciting, but it does represent what this will be. A review of my results for the year 2017.

My most successful accomplishment is to publish a total of eight books this year:

  • Lazy Lawyer
  • Morose Mistress
  • Naughty Neighbor
  • Obnoxious Oilman
  • Paranoid Patient
  • Quibbling Quartet
  • The DEF Trilogy
  • The GHI Trilogy

Now, I’ve cheated a bit on this list. The Quibbling Quartet is in the final stages of review, and will be published next week, but the only thing that will stop that from happening is a nuclear attack by a small, Asian country. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.

I am not planning of doing much writing in December. I plan on working on the plot outlines of The Remorseful Rafter and The Strident Student. I want to get those two stories plotted and get a fast start writing in 2018. Even so, I only expect to publish six books in 2018.

Another change to my future writing plans is the decision to add another book to The Hot Dog Detective series. Originally, I planned on 26 volumes in the series, but my editor says I should add a 27th volume. This will allow me to have nine trilogies.

I also plan on spending more time on marketing next year. That means working on this blog, finding different channels for distribution of my books, and looking at more efficient methods of marketing. Since I know nothing of these things, it should be an interesting year for me. I have a steep learning curve ahead of me.


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