An Interview with Anna Spiros

Anna Spiros, an investigative reporter for Channel 8 News in Denver, Colorado, was gracious enough to give us a rare interview of how she has contributed to the development and resolution of the mystery of The Lazy Lawyer.

A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Anna Spiros was hired by Channel 8 News as a spot reporter. Her talent for uncovering big stories came when she was among the first to break the story of Mexican drug cartels trying to infiltrate Colorado’s legalized marijuana industry. At that time, Ms. Spiros was able to interview former Denver Police detective Mark MacFarland on his role in bringing a noted drug lord to justice.

Ms. Spiros, what news story are you currently investigating?

Please, call me Anna. I’m looking into police corruption at the current time. The current Denver Chief of Police has a history of attempting to clean up the Department since he first took office, yet despite his efforts, there are still pockets of police activity that bear public scrutiny.

Can you be more specific?

Not without revealing critical information from strategically placed sources, both within and outside of the Denver Police Department.

We understand that one of those sources might be Mark MacFarland, a former detective with the Denver Police.

Although Mark is currently a hot dog vendor, he does remain quite close to some of the major crime cases in the Denver Metro area.

So you do work closely with Mr. MacFarland?

Let’s just say that Mark scratches my back and I scratch his…


To learn more about Anna Spiros’ involvement with Mark MacFarland, keep an eye out for The Lazy Lawyer, Book 12 in the Hot Dog Detective series, coming out this summer.



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