Coming soon…The Jaded Jezebel

Jaded Jezebel

The Jaded Jezebel, book ten in the Hot Dog Detective series, is coming soon! Mark MacFarland’s former boss and somewhat close friend, Commander Bob Chamberlain, has a problem. More specifically, his daughter has a problem. She’s accused of murder but she can’t remember doing the crime. Chamberlain asks MacFarland to find the real killer so that his daughter doesn’t have to do the time.

MacFarland finds himself spending time in Boulder, Colorado, often referred to as the “People’s Republic of Boulder.” As usual, MacFarland finds himself pitted against the local police, students of the University of Colorado, and even, potentially, the US Olympic Committee. (Spoiler alert: MacFarland actually¬†does manage to avoid conflicts with the USOC, but that’s certainly not due to his efforts.)

The Jaded Jezebel will be on virtual bookshelves within the coming week.


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