The Zamboni Zealot

The Zamboni Zealot, Book 26 in the Hot Dog Detective series. Mark MacFarland, former Denver Police Detectives, former hot dog vendor, and now a private investigator, goes undercover at Denver’s Pepsi Center, home of the Avalanche. The case he’s investigating? A young man, Tom Flannery, the boyfriend of Felicity Davenport, has been found dead in one of the parking lots outside the Pepsi Center. Police suspect that he was killed by a local gang, though no arrests have been yet made.


Sidney Morgan, Felicity’s stepdad, thinks there is more to Tom’s death than simply death by gang-banger. He asks MacFarland to solve the murder. And since Tom Flannery was one of the operators of the Zamboni ice surfacing machine, what better place to start than in the home of the Colorado Avalanche?


MacFarland takes the case, but discovers that the owners of the Pepsi Center want their own investigator to shadow his movements. The young detective he has to work with is Cici Lopez, brash, outspoken, and pretty.


As MacFarland gets closer to solving the case, the people around him find themselves in more and more danger.


The Zamboni Zealot will be available for pre-order on Amazon on March 16 and will be available on all sales channels on April 7.

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