Writing in a time of discord

With the current invasion of Ukraine by the despot of Russia, I find it difficult to focus my attention on writing my stories. I have relatives who are from Ukraine itself and from other parts of Eastern Europe that Putin has hinted he believes belong back in the Russian empire. I hope that history takes a favorable track and leads the world away from this terrible outcome. I hope that Ukraine can overcome the outrage of being raped by Russia. I hope that the Russian people finally rise up and throw off the shackles that deprive them of liberty.


I normally try to keep politics out of my stories. While I do show that MacFarland has some social values that might be perceived as political, I really do try to avoid taking a political stance. I personally do not care if my readers are Democrats, Independents, or Republicans. I only care that they enjoy mysteries and reading.


Yet, I cannot escape the impact that current events have on me personally. I do have political views. I have a sense of moral justice that I would like to apply to world politics. And I get upset when I see that moral balance being totally dashed to pieces. I feel powerless to do anything about these events, and unfortunately, that feeling of lacking power extends to my own writing routine. 

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