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I’m ashamed to say that over the past year or so, my writing performance has severely declined. I can blame it  on Covid; I can blame it on the uncertainty in our country’s political situation. But I can mostly blame it on my own laziness.

But I can also blame it on my editor, who for some strange reason discovered she had to stay home and home-school her numerous children. Consequently, Wasted Womanizer, Xanthic Xena, and now Young Yogi all reside on her editing desk, awaiting long past-due attention.

Yes, books 23, 24, and 25 are all written and almost ready for publishing. And at the current time, I am working on book 26, Zamboni Zealot. In the past few months, my writing productivity has increased considerably over the prior year. This is due not just to a matter of willpower overcoming personal lethargy. It is also due to discovering the organizing power of personal Wiki pages. My discovery and use of the Wiki has so transformed my writing productivity that I plan on writing a separate blog about the program and how I use it.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to work on the Hot Dog Detective series.

The Hot Dog Detective series will not end with book 26. There will be one final book in the series, The Absent Ally. This will conclude the series, and ultimately result in nine trilogies.

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