Go, Broncos!

While MacFarland is not much of a football fan, I am. I enjoy watching a game that is actually a lot more than braun (which is what I thought of the game when I was a kid). I now realized that it takes more than talented players to win a championship.

Of course, talented players help. Sometimes those players are not the ones originally in the limelight, but who emerge when the time is right. That’s part of the premise of The Freaky Fan.

The other part of the premise is sometimes those players get into trouble.

Surprising as it may seem, I do have a connection to the Denver Broncos. Granted, it’s a very tenuous connection. When my daughter was about three years old, she was going to a nearby day-care center. One day, John Elway, famed quarterback and now manager of the Broncos, showed up to pick up the child of one of his friends. When he arrived at the day-care center, of course he became the center of attention. As I walked up to see what the crowd was doing, my daughter chose that moment to try to scale the famous foot-ball player. Elway has always been great with kids, and this time was no exception. He assisted my daughter in her ascent of the tall man at the center of everyone’s attention. I was mortified, but as he handed my daughter to me, I could only see delight and joy in his eyes.

Ever since that day, I’ve been a devoted fan of the Denver Broncos. However, like most Denver fans, I just wished they won more games.

And I sincerely hope you all enjoy The Freaky Fan.


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