The Eager Evangelist Trailer

Here’s another trailer, this time for The Eager Evangelist.

The origins of this story go way back in my past. Similar to most teenagers, I grew up with a strong religious background at the same time that I was learning to question everything in the universe around me. At one point in my young religious career, I was asked to participate in a debate in our Sunday School about whether God existed. My opponent wanted to prove that God existed (which actually I thought was the more challenging position to take and frankly the one I wanted), but I had to prove that God didn’t exist.

Unfortunately, it isn’t hard to prove that God doesn’t exist, especially to impressionable teenagers. The result of my resounding debate victory was that the parents of many of the students became outraged that one of the Churches ministers was permitting such sacrilege to take place. He was severely reprimanded and forbidden to interact with teenagers thereafter.

Of course the minister’s message was lost in the whole debacle. God isn’t a concept of logic, but a concept of faith. It is faith that gives a person the grace that is the blessing of God.

When it came time to write this story, I wondered, what would a minister be able to accomplish if his goals were directed towards teaching people how to acquire the power of God’s grace…but for personal gain, rather than the blessings of spiritual enlightenment? Thus was born Reverent Samuel Bryce, pastor of the Church of Blessed Grace.


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