Incremental Progress

I’ve checked my sales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Draft2Digital, and Kobo, and while I cannot say for certain that my sales have increased incrementally in a positive direction, I am feeling encouraged. However, I know enough about statistics and psychology to know that random changes in data can be very misleading and people naturally search for confirmation of their biases. It will take several months before I can say for certain that my approach is working the way I intended.

However, as I was doing this, I discovered that there are several channels on which my books are not completely listed. I need to get this corrected fairly quickly. The one thing that I find most discouraging is to learn that something I want is not available on the channel I use (this might have more to do with discovering that the first two seasons of Outlander are available on Hulu, which I subscribe to, but the last two seasons of the show are only available on Starz, which I don’t subscribe to — mainly because I am cheap, and I don’t sell enough books to afford another premium cable channel).

Back to my main point…

I contacted my editor and discovered, to my horror, that she is on vacation! How dare she?! After I calmed down, I realized that this is one of the prices I pay for going with a small publishing house. While I do have direct access to the editor, I also have to live with the shortcomings of a small and privately run press. Fortunately, however, she did tell me that she would get right to work on my concerns…as soon as I had The Vacillating Vigilante available for her review.

Damn, foiled again!

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