Post Election

Thankfully, I got through Election Day. Unfortunately, I ruined my diet, half the people I voted for didn’t win (I’m a “half empty type of girl), and I under-performed in meeting my writing goals. But now, with all that behind me, I have some very clear goals:

  • Get back on my diet
  • Stop watching cable news
  • Learn to appreciate that some of my choices did actually win
  • And get back into writing my twenty-first novel, The Unselfish Uncle

I also have a specific goal for today. I need to write three scenes instead of one or two. While it’s only 3000 words, writing three scenes requires that I have all the plotting, subplotting, and background plotting done for those chapters. Since I am introducing some new characters in the story (they’ve been mentioned before, but now MacFarland gets to interview them), I have to understand a fair amount of detail about the character, even if the character ultimately tells MacFarland, “I didn’t see anything.”

But that’s the joy of writing. You get to play around with all these characters, making them dance to your tune. Well, most of the time. I often discover that characters in my story have minds of their own and frequently take my story in directions I didn’t fully expect.

So, time to get back to work. And not worry about elections for another two years.

2 thoughts on “Post Election”

  1. Hello, Mattie

    With the wildfires, power has been erratic. Then, when the power is restored, the TV, phone, and Internet go out. So, I am taking advantage of this moment when all is working to let you know I have just finished “The Christmas Corpse” – and loved it. I love the moment between a Cynthia and Mark at the Parade of Lights – a hint of a growing relationship. And, I enjoyed knowing a bit more about April.

    Of course, having Kurt and Gracie off the streets and safe in a group home is heartwarming – and I cheered at the ending.

    I am looking forward to ”The Unselfish Uncle”‘and would be pleased and honored if you let me proofread it for you.

    When the threat of evacuation has passed, and our power is completely restored, I am leaving reviews on Amazon and Goodreads – which is what I was doing when the lights went out!


    Mary Anne

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