No no Nanowrimo

Usually I enter Nanowrimo at this time of year. The Natinal novel writing month helps writers learn to write persistently and consistently, giving you a daily target of about 1700 words per day to achieve a monthly goal of 50,000 words. Some of the times I enter Nanowrimo, I succeed in achieving the goal. Once in a while, I don’t succeed.

Since I strive to write an average of 1000 words each day, the Nanowrimo target is challenging for me. But I have to admit. My achievement of 1000 words a day is a lazy goal. I write, I watch TV, I read, I play with my dog. On some days, I write 2000 words in a day, but that often requires a bit of inspiration.

In general, I am a rather lazy writer.

Even as I admit that, feelings of shame start to overwhelm me. Why take two months to write a novel when I could actually write it in one month? Why spend so much time watching Ray Donovan when I could be creating scenes where MacFarland shakes the hornet’s nest? Why spend time becoming outraged over Tweets when I could be depicting the outrage of a heinous murder in MacFarland’s Mile High City?

Damn. I think I’ve talked myself into signing up for Nanowrimo again.

I’d really like to spend more time here, but these words don’t count for my story. I have a novel to write in the next 30 days!


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