Coming Soon! The Itchy Intruder!

In just a few days, Book 9 of the Hot Dog Detective series, The Itchy Intruder, will be available to fans of Mark MacFarland. In The Itchy Intruder, Jerry Baker asks MacFarland to help him with his latest client,Itchy Intruder - final Ike Dawes, a hundred year old homeless man from South Carolina. Dawes doesn’t make it easy to prove his innocence. First, his appearance deters close intimacy. Decades of bad sanitation have left him with a horrendous skin condition that repels most people. Second, Dawes doesn’t  trust the police. After all, after a lifetime riding the rails and living off the land, Dawes doesn’t trust much of the world around him.

He insists he didn’t kill his friend, and MacFarland believes him. The problem for MacFarland is, who did kill Brian West? And will Ike Dawes trust him enough to find the real killer?

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