New Year’s Goals

Like most people, I usually start the New Year with a series of lofty goals for the next 365 days. Most of the really important ones are usually lost or abandoned within the first few days, partly because those goals involve changing habits that have been practiced for months on end. So let it be known that I have already messed up a good many of those goals, so I won’t even include them.

So here are the goals that I think are realistic and important enough to accomplish this year.

I want to publish nine Hot Dog Detective novels this year, get two combo packs published, and one novella.

I want to write at least 35,000 words per month, which translates to writing six novels in the year.

I want to write at least two novellas (10-15 thousand words each) during the year.

And I want to get out and see more “sights” in Denver, to build more realism in my stories.

These are not grandiose goals, but they will direct most of my activities for the coming months. Let’s see how I do.

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