End of Year Review

It’s the end of 2015. Now I have to start worrying about writing the wrong year on checks. I also have a lot planned for 2016, but I will get to that when I do my New Year’s post.

What I want to do now is a recap of what I have accomplished in 2015.

I have published the following books this year:

Busty Ballbreaker (Feb, 2015)

Crying Camper (Apr, 2015)

Desperate Druggie (Jun, 2015)

Eager Evangelist (Sep, 2015)

Freaky Fan (Oct, 2015)

ABC Trilogy (Nov, 2015)

Christmas Corpse (Novella) (Nov, 2015)

In addition, I have written the following books:

Groping Gardener

Harried Hairdresser

Itchy Intruder

My sales for the year are not terribly impressive, but I suppose for my first year of publication, I can’t complain. I have given away 2,854 books and I have sold 389 for a total of 3,243 books distributed. My sales (domestic only) exceed $635. I have also sold books in the UK, Canada, Australia, and even in Malaysia. Guess that makes me an internationally known author!

That’s not much, I admit, but it is definite proof that I am finally an author, not just a writer. And that’s been my goal all my life.

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