Computer Problems

It has been a while since I’ve been on here. Three factors have kept me away.

First, I had computer problems. I dread computer problems. This was a really annoying problem with Group Policy Client Services. I have no idea what that is, but it seems to be important because when it doesn’t work, your computer doesn’t work. I search the internet for a solution, found one that was incredibly intimidating, but I went ahead and tried it anyway.

The alternative was to take my computer to a repair shop and pay someone to fix it.

The internet solution didn’t work.

Then I watched a YouTube video of how to do the fix, and the video showed me things that the written instructions had left out (technical writing is a lost art). I was able to make the correction, but it still didn’t solve my problem. Turns out you can have more than one error with your Group Policy Client Services.

That night I had a dream that I was given a new job. I was hired to be the IT Security Consultant at a small, rinky-dink computer company. I knew nothing about the job, but the person who hired me thought I could do it. So I spent the entire night dreaming about how to fix my computer.

The next morning I got up, determined to try some of the fixes I had dreamed about. (Isn’t it funny how everything in your dreams always seems to work so nicely, but when you try them in real life, they just seem to fall apart?) None of my solutions worked…until I noticed that there was this program called “Restore.” I clicked on that. Imagine my surprise when I found a restore point, two weeks earlier! Audaciously, I clicked on Restore, prayed a lot, and tried to keep my hands off my computer.

Needless to say, it worked. I felt like a furshlugginer genius!

Now, we come to the second factor.


I’ve been writing, but with the computer problems, I have fallen behind schedule. So most of my free time has been trying to catch up.

Okay, not much of an excuse. But there it is.

The third factor was that my first book, Avid Angler, went free on Amazon. That has led to a lot of free downloads, well over a thousand so far this month, which for me is pretty impressive. Now, whether that will result in increased sales, only time will tell.

How did that keep me from blogging? Simple. I was constantly tracking my book sales. But as my publisher says, it’s her job to track sales. I need to get back to writing.

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