January’s Goals

2024 Goals


It’s that time of year again, when I try to set goals for the entire year. I usually forget to check my goals throughout the year, and then I’m surprised when I check them at the beginning of the following year to discover that I achieved some of the goals, totally failed at others, and had mixed results. Of course, I am the only person in the United States who is this lackadaisical about managing life’s goals. I’m sure the rest of you are much more conscientious.


But now, I need to set some goals, so here goes:


  1.   Continue to develop the MisquePress.com site. This includes adding links so customers can get access to paperback, audio, and hard cover books.
  2.   Write at least two and hopefully three books in the Crystal Cove series: The Ghost in the Gurney, The Ghost in the Boudoir, and the Ghost in the Library.
  3.   Complete book two in the Seastead Adventure series, The Pink Dolphin.
  4.   Increase our customer base by 1000 customers.

I also have a bunch of personal goals, but they mostly involve weight, indebtedness, and a messy closet. These goals I will keep to myself, thank you very much. 


I hope you have better luck making New Year’s resolutions and living up to them than I do. But hopefully, 2024 will prove to be a great year for all of us.


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