Do You Like Writing Fanfiction?

          Have you ever considered trying your hand at fiction writing? Have you ever thought that maybe you knew the characters better than the author? Or you would write a story differently than the author did? Then perhaps you are a candidate to write fanfiction.

          If you would like to try your hand at fanfiction, I would like to encourage you by offering you a place to post your creative works. If you send your attempt at a variant of the Hot Dog Detective themes to me, I will evaluate them and select the best to publish on my web page ( ).

          Fanfiction must conform to some rules.

          First, it must be “transformative.” This is a complicated way of saying that the new work must have content that adds value to the original story.

          Second, fanfiction must be noncommercial. This means you can’t publish it for profit. (Sorry about that.) However, many times authors of fanfiction develop independent ideas that can evolve into their own original works.

          You will retain ownership rights to the story you create. (That also means I can’t sell your creative work either.)

          Good luck writing, and have fun!

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