A New Direction

I realize I haven’t been here in a while. There’s no excuse for that, but there are some things going on right now that appear to be a higher priority to me. (Yes, that comment will result in hours of re-examining my value system.)


I have been finishing the final edits of the last book in the Hot Dog Detective series, Book 27 – The Absent Ally. I need to get these edits done as soon as I can, so that I can send it out to my beta readers. I plan on publishing the book in September, and want it on pre-order for August. It’s a doable timeline…I just have to do it.


I have also decided that the next series I will work on will be the Crystal Cove cozy paranormal mysteries.  They will be paranormal in the sense that the main character, Sally O’Brian, sees and talks to ghosts. The ghosts are the ones who bring mysteries for Sally to solve. I think it will be a fun series, with some interesting mysteries and a lot of humor.


The first three titles in the series will be:

  • The Ghost on the Stairs
  • The Ghost in the Icehouse
  • The Ghost in the Vineyard

I haven’t got more than that planned out yet, but as I make progress on the first book, the rest of the series will come to me.


In the meantime, it’s fun to explore the small California coastal town of Crystal Cove. I like to identify its landmarks, its inhabitants, and its history. This series will focus more on the small town location than the Hot Dog Detective did, though I always tried to remain true to Denver’s geography and history.

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