A Gameplan for 2022

As I move into 2022, I find that I have a lot of competing objectives to pursue. As with most New Year Resolutions, I fear that I may not be able to accomplish all of them. But one way to ensure that you do pursue an objective is to let others know that is your intention. Peer pressure can work wonders.


So, here are my objectives for 2022:

  1. Complete The Zamboni Zealot and get it published.
  2. Write and publish The Absent Ally, the last book in the Hot Dog Detective series.
  3. Update and upgrade my website, Mathiyaadams.com
  4. Read more mysteries by other indie authors and write reviews for their books.
  5. Start a new series: The Crystal Cove Paranormal Mystery series.
  6. Start a new series, tentatively called The Cat and Mouse Mystery series.

That actually is a lot to accomplish. I guess I won’t have time for that ski trip I was dreaming about.

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