Save the Children! MacFarland to the the Rescue

In the Crying Camper, MacFarland finds himself pitted against an adversary he didn’t anticipate. But before he can get justice for old wounds, he has to save children who are being trafficked into prostitution and slavery.

This is one of my favorite stories in the Hot Dog Detective Series. I enjoy it for several reasons. First, I think it focuses on an important problem in our country – exploitation of children. My church had members who worked to protect young teens, particularly homeless teens, from the predators who roamed Colorado looking for victims. Second, I get to describe parts of Colorado outside of Denver. I admit, it’s not as extensive as I’d like. It would be nice to have MacFarland solve mysteries in some of the other fascinating locations in Colorado. Maybe someday. And third, I was able to finally resolve one of the major sources of torment in MacFarland’s life, which made him, and me, feel a whole lot better.

I hope my readers find The Crying Camper as enjoyable to read as I did to write it.

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