Slow But Steady

I would like to think that I have been making slow but steady progress, but in all honesty, the slow part has been slower than a snail climbing a glass hill. And I won’t even comment on the steady part. In a sense, I, like so many others, would like to blame the coronavirus lock down for my malaise. But the truth is, I’ve just been undisciplined.

Unfortunately, you can’t be a successful writer by succumbing to lethargy, inaction, and disinterest. A writer has to keep writing, every day, even if it is only a few words that day. A writer can’t wait for the “mood” to hit her. She has to provide her own motivation.

I actually did sit down this morning, determined to get back into the habit of writing every day. I did finish one scene and start the next scene. Since I got those words into my writing program, I’ve already decided to change them, but that doesn’t matter. I took the first steps.

And those steps, miniscule by even my pre-covid standards, have inspired me to write here. Motivation can be addictive, leading from one minor accomplishment to another.

And that’s what a writer has to keep in mind: one victory can lead to another, and then another.

The amazing thing is, when I start writing again, my depression and malaise seems to disappear. I feel motivated, inspired, anxious to finish my current project and move onto my next project.

Finishing a book…starting a new book…those are the things that make writing fun. Those are the things that keep me going.

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