New Directions

No, this isn’t a reference to a Glee episode. It’s an explanation of why I have been so lax in maintaining this blog. Of course, I could always use my usual excuses: laziness, insecurity (“who would want to read what I write?”), and extreme pre-occupation with working on my novels. Fortunately, this time, I have a new excuse. A valid one.

My editor, Tara Maya, has asked me to work with her on a series of blogs in which we review books we’veĀ  both read, movies we’ve watched, or other things of mutual interest. These blogs will be posted on Tara Maya’s YouTube channel (

So far, we have reviewed the following books:

  • Gillian Larkin: A Secret Killer – A Julia Blake Cozy Mystery
  • D K Holmberg: Dragon Bones (Dragonwalker Series)

We’ve also reviewed on movie, available on Netflix:

  • “Mr. Right” starring Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth, and Anna Kendrick

I’m told that these blogs aren’t posted yet, so if you go searching Tara’s YouTube site, you won’t find them right away. I will be sure to inform you when they are posted, but I just wanted you to know that I’m not turning into a couch potato and sloughing off in my writing assignments.

Of course if you believe that, you’re probably a regular user of the internet and are willing to believe just about anything.





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