The World Series

I am an avid Rockies fan. As well as an avid Nuggets fan and Broncos fan. I even like the Avalanche. I suppose my choices in favorite teams is biased by some geographic biases, but I resist that accusation.

I am also a believer that a team’s general ranking should be determined by competition. So when one team beats another, I will admit that the winning team is better.

But for two years in a row, the Rockies have been eliminated by a one game playoff. They lost both times, most recently to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

So…the Dodgers are a better team.


Then what is going on in the World Series? The Despondent Dodgers are losing!

I knew all along that my beloved Rockies should have been playing in the World Series. They would have whipped the Boston Red Sox’s butts, I am sure of it!

Unfortunately, we will never know just how correct I am. And I cannot joyfully pretend that things are right in the universe. So, until the World Series is over, I won’t be blogging. I will be crying and pulling my hair out every time the Dodgers miss opportunities, make mistakes, and convince me that there should never be one-game playoffs…there needs to be two out of three, at least.

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