The Truculent Trannie – Coming Soon!

Sarah Westbrook has ended the nightmare of her life and achieved the dream she’s always had. She is living her life as a woman, and despite some delays and setbacks in getting her final surgery, her life is good.

No, that’s not really true. Her life isn’t really good. She has no job, except turning tricks along Colfax Avenue, her insurance won’t pay for her surgery, she’s been kicked out of her house by her spouse, she’s fighting for custody of her son. No, things are not really good for Sarah, and she is often bitter and angry about those things.

Then, one day, Sarah is brutally murdered. It’s clearly a hate crime, and while the police have a suspect, they also know that there are many more potential suspects. A lot of people had problems with Sarah Westbrook. But how many had reason to kill her?

That’s the problem Mark MacFarland must solve in The Truculent Trannie.

The Truculent Trannie is book number 20 in the Hot Dog Detective series. MacFarland is helping his friends at Blush & Blu Bar on Colfax to get justice in the death of someone who frequented the bar. In the process of solving the case, MacFarland delves into the strange world of transgendered men and women.

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