The Printed Page

All of my books are available as e-books. I’m committed to the e-book medium. I think the advent of e-books has revolutionized the writing world, opening up opportunities for many new writers to reach an audience that was impossible to imagine when I was a kid. Sure, the world of virtual publishing has its drawbacks. The care taken to ensure correct grammar, correct spelling, and flawless presentation are sometimes lacking. In fact, they are often lacking. But in this day and age, even I have learned to overlook an occasional misspelling or typo if the story is good enough. Do I miss the age of the printed word? Not really. I live above an actual library of printed books, thousands of books…all gathering dust. Instead, I have nearly five hundred books on my Kindle, all stored on one device that is smaller than even one of my books downstairs.

It is so much more convenient carrying my entire library around with me than having to traipse up and down the stairs.

So clearly, I am committed to the electronic version of books. I am willing to stride boldly into the future and never look back.

Until my editor said, “It’s time to start publishing the paperback versions of your books.” Usually when my editor tells me it’s time for something, that means I have to do some work, and sure enough, I had to get the books ready for her to put into a program that would allow us to create a printed version of my story.

I will admit, it was an exciting prospect. My books, all of them eventually, would be available in both e-book format and printed format. But I viewed that prospect with only detached anticipation.

Until this morning.

This morning, Amazon delivered the proof copy of The Avid Angler.

I had my first printed book in my hands. I could feel it. I could leaf through its pages. I could rub its smooth cover against my face. It was solid, heavy, it was REAL! For almost an hour, I just hugged it against me, not daring to let it out of my sight, too afraid that it was just a dream and would be gone when I woke up.

But it’s still here. And for those of you who like to hold a book in your hands instead of an electronic screen, there will be plenty more paperback books available in the coming months.

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