A Lifestyle Update

Some good news and some bad news.

First the good news. I got a wonderful review of “The Avid Angler” by Linda Mims on her blogsite Boom-a-cious (http://boomacious.com/2015/06/the-avid-anglerthe-hotdog-detective/). I urge you to check out her blog – it’s fun, interesting, and varied.

Now for the bad news.

My computer crashed again. Once more it was the dreaded Group Client Policy Service problem. Being a highly superstitious girl, I wondered if my computer crashed because I looked at trendy pop culture videos on YouTube. Or maybe I didn’t try hard enough to stay in touch with my brothers and sisters. Or I thought evil thoughts about miscreants around the world.

I was able to fix the problem a lot faster than last time, but even so, the thought of not having my computer so bothered me that I had an upset stomach. Of course I also attributed my distress to the Nuggets losing, UCLA losing, and the Broncos losing. (You might notice that I hate losing.) But the thought of not having my computer working really bothered me. The thought of losing all my books and all the related notes terrified me.

My brother was quite sympathetic. “I hope you backed everything up.”

Well, yeah, the last time this problem occurred two weeks ago. So now that I have the problem “fixed,” I am backing up all my critical files. Lesson learned. (Ha, if you believe that, you’re an alien from the planet Mongo!)

The other bad news is that I have to finish the plot outline of Jaded Jezebel before I can finish writing the story for NaNoWriMo. That means I am falling further and further behind. Fortunately, I’m not going anyplace for Thanksgiving, so I will get a lot of writing done then.

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