Resurrecting My Website

Mathiya Adams, October 21, 2015

As I have spent the past six months trying to figure out how to commercialize my writing business, one of the issues has been having a blog site where people could sign up for my newsletter, get my first book free, and find out about subsequent books in the Hot Dog Detective series. To accomplish that, I tried to set up my site so that it followed some recommended web design principles.

I accomplished part of my objective, but I lost my original blog site and its associated pages. It was lack of foresight on my part. The WordPress hosting program has routines for backing up your web pages, but as usual, I didn’t follow the advice of the web hosts. My loss.

But now I have my blog back, I can archive my old newsletters, and I can list my books that are available for sale. Hooray!

Then someone told me that blogs don’t really matter that much to the typical mystery reader, particularly blogs about how to write mysteries. That set me to wondering, what do blog readers like to read?

Then I was told that I should read other people’s blogs and I might find out in that fashion. What? I have to do work to make this work for me? The sad answer is, yes. Anything worth having or doing requires a certain amount of work. Research. Participation.

So, that is what I intend to do. If any of you have any favorite blogs that you like, let me know what they are. Even better, let me know why you like them.

And if you say that your favorite blog sites are filled with fuzzy warm pictures of cute animals…well, then, here’s my contribution.


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