The VWX Trilogy

Mark MacFarland, former Denver Police Detective, after three years living homeless and drunk on the streets of Denver, has been selling hot dogs from a cart located a block from where he used to work. But that’s just his day job. He also solves crimes. His foray back into solving crimes has also earned him a bit of notoriety. He’s been on the evening news and has attracted the attention of both friend and foe. And while the publicity does bring more customers to his hot dog business, it also brings danger and intrigue.


There’s a vigilante on the loose. He’s killing people who have escaped justice or are in the process of committing heinous crimes. Former Denver detective Mark MacFarland thinks the police are going after the wrong suspects, but he is as much in the dark as they are.

He is more interested in finding out who robbed a local bank and killed an innocent bystander when the robber attempted to escape.


Tom Faraday had been poisoned. The poison was unusual. It was a toxin secreted by a species of newt not found in Colorado. Solving this murder should be easier than most. All he had to do was find the person who could put newt poison into a bottle of wine…


MacFarland finds himself immersed in the complicated lives of a dozen graduate students, all of whom spend their days lying to people on the Internet… and probably to both the police and to MacFarland.

Each mystery can be read as a standalone novel, but are best enjoyed when read in order in the VWX Trilogy Combo Pack.