The STU Trilogy

Mark MacFarland, former Denver Police Detective, after three years living homeless and drunk on the streets of Denver, has been selling hot dogs from a cart located a block from where he used to work. But that’s just his day job. He also solves crimes. His foray back into solving crimes has also earned him a bit of notoriety. He’s been on the evening news and has attracted the attention of both friend and foe. And while the publicity does bring more customers to his hot dog business, it also brings danger and intrigue.


A desperate family approached Mark MacFarland. They’ve heard he is the kind of detective who can do what the police cannot do. While sympathetic to their plight, MacFarland is convinced the young man is just a run away. But as he delves deeper into Tommy Chow’s disappearance, he discovers that the young man had many secrets…secrets that could get him killed.


When one of MacFarland’s friends asks him to prove that a man accused of murder is innocent, MacFarland reluctantly agrees. He tells her that he will go where the facts take him, but if that means that the man is guilty, so be it.


Everyone loved Ned Pendergast. He was personable, friendly, rich…and generous. Need money for a new house? Ask Ned. Need help with outstanding bills? Ned is always there, pen and checkbook in hand. Need someone to watch the kids while you take the little lady out for an anniversary dinner? Uncle Ned is the man to call.

Why then, did someone cut off Uncle Ned’s head and leave it on the porch of the Pendergast family?