The PQR Trilogy

Mark MacFarland, former Denver Police Detective, after three years living homeless and drunk on the streets of Denver, has been selling hot dogs from a cart located a block from where he used to work. But that’s just his day job. He also solves crimes. His foray back into solving crimes has also earned him a bit of notoriety. He’s been on the evening news and has attracted the attention of both friend and foe. And while the publicity does bring more customers to his hot dog business, it also brings danger and intrigue.


When Rufus Headley’s high school friend, now living in Los Angeles, is accused of murdering the doctor treating him for cancer, MacFarland must go to the City of Angels to defend him.


Detective Cynthia Pierson needs MacFarland’s help with a case. MacFarland learns that the man who messed up the evidence chain of custody in his wife’s death has been assigned to this case…


Did a rafter plan and execute the act of violence alone or did he have help? MacFarland is fairly certain that he can solve the case when he encounters a monkey wrench–the rafter may have led a dual life and actually be the son of a wealthy East Coast investment broker.