The Paranoid Patient

Case Number 16


When Rufus Headley’s high school friend, now living in Los Angeles, is accused of murdering the doctor treating him for cancer, the decision for MacFarland to go to the City of Angels to defend him is easy. What is not easy for MacFarland is solving a case in a city where he is a stranger, and where his only contact with the Los Angeles Police Department is with a detective who can’t disguise his distrust of MacFarland and even regards MacFarland as a suspect. While it was clear to MacFarland that Collins is innocent, the local police don’t feel quite the same way. As MacFarland gets to know more about the clinic staff and what it is doing, he begins to wonder if Collins conflict with the clinic is actually justified.


MacFarland’s adventures in LaLa Land are complicated by unwanted traveling companions, financial mismanagement, and a brazen millennial lawyer takes delight when she alone can bail MacFarland and his companions out of jail.


This is the sixteenth of twenty-seven books in the Hot Dog Detective series. Follow Mark MacFarland’s adventures as he redefines who he is.

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Author's Notes