The JKL Trilogy

In the JKL Trilogy, we find three complete stories in the Hot Dog Detective series. 


 Rebellious teenagers, college frats, drug rings and hit and run drivers…MacFarland has to deal with all of it when he is asked by his former Commander to find the man’s missing daughter. And of course MacFarland finds a way to antagonize another police department in Colorado. It’s a good thing he sells hot dogs, because he won’t be getting any job references from the Boulder Police Department any time soon! 


When MacFarland entered the dungeon, he expected to find some pretty weird people. What he found exceeded his expectations. While David Von Hoffman, aka The Kitchen Khemist, doesn’t mind whipping naked women, he claims that he didn’t kill one of them. Can MacFarland find out the truth? Or is he trying to defend a sadistic killer? 


Normally former Denver Detective Mark MacFarland, now a hot dog vendor, helps lawyer Jerry Baker find out the truth of a crime. But when Baker himself is accused of murder, MacFarland has a personal reason for finding the truth. Can he prove that Jerry Baker didn’t kill the man Baker derided as a “lazy lawyer.’