The DEF Trilogy

Mark MacFarland, former Denver Police Detective, after three years living homeless and drunk on the streets of Denver, has been selling hot dogs from a cart located a block from where he used to work. But that’s just his day job. He also solves crimes. His foray back into solving crimes has also earned him a bit of notoriety. He’s been on the evening news and has attracted the attention of both friend and foe. And while the publicity does bring more customers to his hot dog business, it also brings danger and intrigue.


In Desperate Druggie, MacFarland has to travel to Mexico to rescue the kidnapped daughter of one of Denver’s richest marijuana magnates. He teams up with a reckless pothead to battle one of Mexico’s infamous drug cartels.


In Eager Evangelist, MacFarland finds himself confronting a charismatic preacher who has ensnared MacFarland’s new-found girlfriend in its cult-like grip. Can MacFarland uncover the secrets of the fast-growing religious cult before it’s too late or will his girlfriend fall victim to its insidious practices? 


Finally, in Freaky Fan, MacFarland gets involved with the professional football as he tries to prove that the Bronco’s backup quarterback is not guilty of murder. In three successive novels, MacFarland discovers that Cynthia Pierson’s grandfather had secrets that could prove deadly 

Each mystery can be read as a standalone novel, but are best enjoyed when read in order in the DEF Trilogy Combo Pack.