The Crying Camper

MacFarland Battles Child Traffickers!

Case Number 3

MacFarland knows what it’s like to live on the streets. Although he now has a place to live, he still keeps an eye out for the homeless community. He’s overjoyed when he learns that one of the “invisible people” he’s helped, Teena, a runaway teenager, has gotten a job in a mountain camp for homeless youth. But when one of her friends goes missing, she turns to MacFarland for help.


MacFarland soon discovers that the girl’s friend has been killed and that several other children are missing. Clearly more than charity is going on at that camp. While he has his suspicions about the people behind the “adoptions,” it is when he discovers that Norris Peterson, the man who killed his wife, might be behind the missing children, that the case becomes personal.


Can MacFarland find out what is happening to the homeless children before another child goes missing…or turns up dead?

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Author's Notes