The Avid Angler

Case Number 1


Former Detective MacFarland — “Mac” to his friends — is getting his life together after years of living on the streets.  When he is approached by a high-priced lawyer to help prove a woman innocent, he has to consider if he wants to get back into solving crimes. But the case fascinates him.


A fishing buff has been found murdered and the wife is the prime suspect. With the evidence stacked against her, and someone destroying evidence, can MacFarland find the real killer and free the innocent woman?


This is the first of twenty-seven books in the Hot Dog Detective series. Follow Mark MacFarland’s adventures as he redefines who he is.

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Author's Notes

Most of the sites mentioned in the Hot Dog Detective series are real places. Okay, not the homes. Those are made up, although the streets are real. I try to visit all of the places mentioned in the series, though I have to be quite honest…some of the places up in the mountains are somewhat based on fantasy. That is, fantasy coupled with some reality. For example, in the Crying Camper, Mark MacFarland goes up to a summer camp in the Rockies. The actual summer camp was in Massachusetts. Other places, such as Camp Hale in the Groping Gardener and Harried Hairdresser books, is a real place, and is quite fascinating in its own right.


When I describe public buildings, or formal business establishments, I try to use the real location. Sometimes I change the details a bit to protect the actual establishment. This, for example, is the case with Cut ‘N Curl. You might find a hair salon on University, and it might sound familiar to Cut ‘N Curl. If you think it’s the same place, give them your business.


In other situations, I have gotten permission to use the actual business in my story. In Avid Angler, MacFarland goes to a lesbian bar on Colfax, owned by Jody B. There is, in fact, such an establishment, though now it goes by another name. When I first told the owner that I was using her bar in my stories, she insisted that I use her actual name. Therefore, if you go to a bar on Colfax that caters to the GLBT community – actually everyone – give a shout-out to Jody B and tip a few in her honor. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the business.