The Hot Dog Detective Case Files

The Hot Dog Detective, Mark MacFarland, used to be a good detective. When personal tragedy led him down a dark path to alcoholism and homelessness, he thought his past was behind him. He struggled to get his life back in order by starting a small business selling hot dogs on the street corner of Fourteenth and Elati in Downtown Denver. Little did he know that his prior life would catch up with him.

MacFarland’s story is told in a series of mysteries that he is asked to solve. The mysteries, for the most part, exist because the cops got it wrong, didn’t realize there was a crime, or were led down the wrong direction, either by politics, limited budgets and resources, or incompetence. MacFarland operates outside the system, though his continued friendship with Detective Cynthia Pierson does give him an inside edge every once in a while. On the other hand, there are times when Detective Pierson just wants to lock MacFarland up and throw away the key.

The Hot Dog Detective mysteries can be read in any order. I’ve tried to make each story stand alone as much as possible. On the other hand, every three stories in the series also has a bonus mystery that MacFarland must solve. So ultimately, I do suggest reading them in order…

The following stories are available for your enjoyment:

  • The Avid Angler
  • The Busty Ballbreaker
  • The Crying Camper
  • The Desperate Druggie
  • The Eager Evangelist
  • The Freaky Fan
  • The Groping Gardener
  • The Harried Hairdresser
  • The Impetuous Intruder
  • The Jaded Jezebel
  • The Kitchen Khemist
  • The Lazy Lawyer
  • The Morose Mistress
  • The Naughty Neighbor
  • The Obnoxious Oilman
  • The Paranoid Patient
  • The Quibbling Quartet
  • The Remorseful Rafter
  • The Strident Student
  • The Truculent Trannie
  • The Unselfish Uncle
  • The Vacillating Vigilante
  • The Wasted Womanizer
  • The Xanthic Xena
  • The Young Yogi
  • The Zamboni Zealot
  • The Absent Ally

In addition to the full-length cozy mysteries, there are several MacFarland novellas available for your enjoyment. The first of these seasonal shorts is The Christmas Corpse. Others novellas focus on holidays throughout the year, including an Easter special, The Easter Evader; for the Fourth of July holiday, you can enjoy The Jovial Juror, which you can get by signing up for my newsletter.

And finally, you will be able to save money on buying my books by getting the combo packs that I will make available. The following combo packs are available on Amazon:

  • The ABC Trilogy COMBO Pack
  • The DEF Trilogy COMBO Pack
  • The GHI Trilogy COMBO Pack
  • The JKL Trilogy COMBO Pack

I hope you enjoy reading the Hot Dog Detective mysteries as much as I enjoy writing them.

Mathiya Adams, August, 2022