The Ghost in the Ice House

Purple lavender filed in Valensole at sunset. France.

Crystal Cove Mystery Number 2


Someone was murdered on Sally O’Brian’s property and she’s determined to figure out who did it. Was it one of the young group of friends who were treasure hunting for an infamous ruby necklace?


The young handsome Acting Detective suspects the attractive young woman Naomi who was discovered standing over the dead body. He doesn’t want to believe it because he’s secretly falling for her—but procedure must be followed.


However, when Sally realizes who Naomi’s family is, Sally has questions the police don’t want to consider. Could the new murder be connected to a tragedy from nearly a hundred years ago that left a young woman dead in a hidden ice house?


* * *


Sally O’Brian didn’t always see ghosts. A brush with death has left her beloved husband a ghost and her with a newfound power.


She has to find out who had killed her husband…and may still be attempting to kill her.


But in the meantime, she has other tasks to complete. Dead spirits are coming to her to solve their untimely deaths

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