The Ghost in the Christmas Star

Purple lavender filed in Valensole at sunset. France.

Crystal Cove Mystery Number 3

All Sally O’Brian wants is a quiet Christmas. Yes, she wants to rent out her newly renovated and re-furnished Cliff House for the holiday season, but that goal is secondary to just spending some quiet family time with her daughter Jennifer, her son-in-law Jack, her delightful granddaughter Kiera…and her dead husband Matthew.


But then she learns that her daughter has invited a whole host of family members to come and celebrate Christmas with them. While this normally would be a great source of joy for Sally, she’s discovered a terrible secret.


The ornaments she’s bought to decorate the Cliff House where all her relatives will be staying are haunted.


And the ghosts that haunt those decorations are the kind of ghosts that like to play tricks on the living.


Sally is afraid that this will be one Christmas no one wants to remember.

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