Angie Fox

Southern Spirits by Angie Fox

Verity Long is not your typical Southern Belle. She’s about to lose her family home, she’s made a mess of her engagement to the town’s most eligible and desirable bachelor, and she has really bad relations with just about everyone in her small Tennessee town.


But hope is on the way. Elllis Wydell, the brother of the man she left at the alter wants to hire her…to get rid of ghosts haunting a property he wants to develop. Commonsense would have Verity turning down a job she isn’t really qualified to do, but really, who else is there who has any experience with communing with ghosts? She’s had a certain amount of success, but it turns out the ghosts haunting Ellis’ property are a lot more serious.


What follows when Verity agrees to help Ellis is an amusing and perplexing mix of reluctant romance and old fashioned detective work The plot of Southern Spirits is delightfully complicated, filled with a variety of characters (mostly ghosts) who will fascinate you, and some unexpected twists that make this a wonderful read.


There are a couple of things I want you to notice about Angie’s story.


First, she does a great job with the main character, Verify Long, transforming her from a victim and woman transgressed into a veritable heroine who knows how to take charge of her life. In addition, Angie does a wonderful job of painting Verily in a realistic manner. She is vulnerable, but not weak; she is strong enough to ask for help without becoming dependent on other characters to carry her along.


Second, the way Angie describes the locale of her story makes you feel that you really know the place. While I don’t know where in Tennessee the story takes place, I can picture the town quite easily. I love it when an author takes time to draw the scene for the reader the way Angie Fox does.


And finally, the plot is tight, well-paced, and thoroughly thought out. I just love it when a mystery actually makes sense to me, though a part of me still wonders if there is some buried treasure someplace in a future book.


As the first book in a colorful and intriguing series, Angie Fox has created an enjoyable series of mysteries that transcend both the real and paranormal planes. You will not go wrong investing your time reading Southern Spirits and all the rest of the stories in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Series by Angie Fox.

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